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To fill your senses with the Uplifting, Beautiful and !Buzz! of LIFE!

My experience in photography has evolved since the 1960’s.

As an artist I ¬†picked up the brushes in the mid-1990’s and painted acrylic watercolours onto ceramic tiles.

Around 2005 I commenced experimenting with the Digital Imaging of my artworks. My methods include taking photos of my original paintings (or working from original photographs) and altering on Photoshop into many different ‘evolved images’. So now many images have become a varied ‘Digital Image Original’ of its own.

Over the years I have found it difficult to part with any of my original creations and rarely sold my painted tiles and usually only parted with them as gifts to a few lucky relatives and friends.

Now via the VILARTTIO website when you discover any treasures to make your own they can be purchased by contacting me.

At present there is no shopping-cart but I look forward to communicating more personally about your order.

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