VILARTTIO is administered and hosted by Victor Leto.

Born and raised in Sydney, Vic has been living in Lennox Head NSW Australia since 1988, after opting out of the city life in his mid 20’s. The Northern Rivers Region of N.S.W. is a renowned hub for open minded imaginative creatives, environmentally conscious and empathetic souls. Vic is very much one of these impassioned souls!

Breaking the mould, with no particular career title over the years, he has sustained an income as a Freelancer, along with a variety of full, part-time and casual employment in roles within both the government and private sectors.

Vic has truly graduated from the University of Life. He has worked in a broad spectrum of fields: from community service, to sales, advertising promotions and marketing. Industries include media, publishing, retail, arts, entertainment & events, hospitality, leisure, sport, recreation, travel and tourism.

His life is a continuing series, where (whatever the project) he is presented with a blank canvas, sketches as he goes, and then fills it in with brushstrokes reflecting his bright, vibrant and colourful aura.

Through VILARTTIO, Vic would like to share with you his knowledge, wisdoms and worldly life experiences.