I saw ‘THE’ Light???

Last Friday night I witnessed ‘something like a phenomenon’.

THE PHOTO IS NOT REAL. I felt compelled to try and define the experience (in a similar manner to Richard Dreyfus obsessive character Roy in the movie ‘Close Encounters of a 3rd Kind’.) My interpretation is still off the mark, as the light orb was not as bright, more opaque and translucent.

At approximately 8pm Friday 16/06/2017 driving south, about half way along the Broadwater – Evans Head Road passing through the Broadwater National Park NSW Australia:

I was travelling at about 80 km/h and suddenly noticed out of nowhere in the rear view mirror that a car’s headlight was some 3 car spaces behind.

My initial reflex response was “WOW, how fast is this car travelling to make such ground on me?” This road is dark and reasonably straight, the terrain fairly flat, and rather than dense and high forested, the vegetation is scrub and heath, thus you can usually notice approaching vehicles from hundreds of meters.

I then thought the car must have problems with its headlights, as there was only one visible, and while quite present, it was not strong and seemed dim. The best I can describe is: I once owned a 1967 V.W. Beatle and the old 6 volt power source headlights in those older models were not very strong, both in low or high beam.  The shape of the light was kind of similar as well (about 30 to 60 cm max. in diameter.)

Thinking the driver behind was in such a mad hurry, I transitioned to about 60 km/h to let him overtake… at this point the light now  came closer to following say 1 car space distance.

I  was also figuring maybe it was a motorbike as the light didn’t favour one side and was directly behind and centered.  And if anything, a motorbike possibly could have the ability to sneak up so unsuspectingly.

In this circumstance (of a non-blinding headlight), there should be a possibility of making out some shape, volume or ‘presence’ of a vehicle. Perhaps even a sound if it was a motorbike. Or a glimpse of its red tail light. But no, it just seemed to be that one single light.

Maybe with problematic lights, the driver approached so fast to actually catch up and tailgate me, so I could provide a form of escort into the nearby town of Evans Head?

All this happened within the space of say a minute or so and I started thinking what is going on here? Anyway at the point of thinking ‘overtake me or do something’, just like that, the light vanished.

Gone. It didn’t pull over or turn (there was nowhere possible for that). Nor did it show any sign of an accident,  as with only 1 car length behind I would have noticed any erratic movements of direction of the light itself.

Looking back in the mirror there was nothing, no light, no shape, (no sound), no ‘presence’ of a vehicle car / bike or otherwise. !!!NOTHING!!!

I was really having a battle in my mind with the logic. The realist in me now seriously doubted that the laws of physics would allow any motor vehicle to make up that much ground on me so quickly out of nowhere, without me first noticing it approaching.

In running every general logical (motoring) scenario through my brain, it was time to face a fact: what just happened was beyond normal.  This was extraordinary. This light had just appeared from nowhere (it didn’t come ‘FROM’ anywhere) and it disappeared the same way (it didn’t ‘GO’ anywhere) …it just instantly appeared and instantly vanished.

Reflex now took over and it was petal to the metal. I made my way into Evans Head continually questioning and repeating to myself, literally out aloud loud W.T.F. was that!!!???!!!

Around midnight I had to drive back over the same stretch of road. After a pretty nerve racking and uneventful return trip, I made it home safely. I then took to the driver’s seat of the Google search engine and burned the midnight oil into the early hours of Saturday morning looking for answers.

While not totally ruling anything out, I was not thinking U.F.O. as it seemed not at all mechanical, material or of any real solid matter.

‘Min Min lights’:

A University of Queensland neuroscientist Professor Jack Pettigrew in his research of 2003 mentioned how “these mysterious lights seem to follow travellers for long distances. The Min Min light seems to have magical qualities, sometimes following observers, even as they speed away in vehicles, while at other times seeming to retreat shyly.”

His research explains “The Min Min light occurs when light, from a natural or man-made source, is refracted to an observer who is tens, or even hundreds, of kilometres away, by an inverted mirage, or Fata Morgana.

A cold, dense layer of air next to the ground (or sea, or sea ice) carries light far over the horizon to a distant observer without the usual dissipation and radiation, to produce a vivid mirage that baffles and enchants because of its unfamiliar optical properties.

Fata Morgana can be terrifying at night when a single light source gives no hint that it is actually part of a mirage emanating from a great distance. Even hardened Outback observers can break down (that includes me shitting myself) when they are unable to interpret the unusual optical properties of the light in terms of their own, very different, past experiences.”

Here is a link to Professor Jack Pettigrew’s very interesting scientific explanations https://www.uq.edu.au/news/article/2003/03/uq-scientist-unlocks-secret-of-min-min-lights

I even later contacted the Prof. who stood by that his research satisfactory explained all this …But I am still not sure…

I do understand and accept the Professor’s Pettigrew’s research and scientific explanation, can and does happen, to some extent. However, it would be more feasible if the object  was a static where the viewer was focused on one projection point.  So unless it was a ‘Mitsubishi Mirage’… how can a mirage from hundreds of kilometers away follow the exact same path and movements of my car for a minute?

There are other feasible scientific explanations, such as trapped underground gases rising up to the surface, spontaneously combusting and igniting for a period of time.

I can buy both of these as well. But I still have my doubts on the scientific explanations.  With the two, don’t they each cancel out the other. Don’t they both have to prove beyond reasonable doubt that there still can’t be any other possibilities???

As a final note: the Min Min lights in some Australian Aboriginal peoples folklore are said to be the spirits of the ancestors. Just a bit of a coincidence I guess that should my dad be still alive, this date is my parents wedding anniversary…. hmmmmm…..???

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