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2018 Skullcandy Oz Grom Surfing Open

Held annually at Lennox Head in the July school holidays, this major junior surfing competition draws around 300 competitors, not only from NSW, but around Australia and even from around the world.

Many parents take advantage of the pilgrimage to combine travelling to the comp and make for a family surfing holiday.

I went out behind the scenes with a backdrop of perfect winter weather… to capture a different perspective of the general ‘cool’ vibe of the aged variety of spectators taking in the ‘Groms At Play: IN and OUT of the WATER’ …


Well, co-authored to be correct.

For over a year, with limited resources, I was part of the dedicated volunteer ‘Surfing Lennox Crew’ applying our best efforts to assist the Lennox Head Heritage Committee produce a 104 page book Surfing Lennox: From Then to Now.

The  book chronicles 70 years surfing around the town of Lennox Head and takes you on a wild ride following the evolution of the town from a once sleepy fishing hamlet, to when the first lone surfers tentatively entered the water, to the seemingly unstoppable crowds attracted today to the iconic world renowned surf location.

The book covers the breaks of the Lennox National Surfing Reserve (LNSR) stretching from the south between Flat Rock to the Lennox Head-Alstonville Surf Club in the north. It is ten years since the dedication of the LNSR and the book explores all the themes that define National Surfing Reserves: ‘sites of environmental, cultural and historical significance to the Australian surfing culture.’

Behind this backdrop are the people, groups, the characters who were born here, visited, stayed or have come and gone. It is not only the location and environment, but this diverse bunch that together in some way, shape or form, makes Lennox such a special and unique ‘buzzing’ town.

As co-authors’ our contributions combine with materials delivered via donations from the public to make for irreplaceable recollections the local community can now keep as an archival document.  The volume of information and images received was overwhelming and we faced some difficult challenges; many decisions about inclusion were very tough to make.

To include everything and everyone was impossible and there is no claim as definitive, but in turning the history pages of our towns surfing journey the modest size book still covers a great measure of authentic ground. Who knows, perhaps, with more resources the next generation could produce a definitive history and fill a large 300 page hard-cover book.

But right now we do finally have an interesting, stylishly presented book. And all entirely locally produced, edited, designed and printed!

Monies from the sale of the book will go to the not-for-profit Lennox Head Heritage Committee and Lennox National Surfing Reserve Inc.

Surfing Lennox From Then to Now is currently selling at Lennox Post Office,  and local shops, Anchor Chief, The Book Room, Lennox Head Surf and ABC Bookstore Ballina for $49.00 RRP.

Cafe’ Poster

Marius Cafe in Lennox Head was taking a gamble making a move from the safety of their usual opening daytime service,  and introducing a new flavour into the nighttime dinning scene.

They asked me to come up with an A3 poster to attract attention. Something Big Bold & ! GREEK !

It was a great success and full house for weeks, with more people marching in than athletes at an Olympic Games opening ceremony.


When ‘Hippy’ Craig Richards became the new licenced  trader at Lennox Head Motors he asked me: “can you design a new Ad, as the old Ad with the Volvo HAS TO GO (sorry Volvo drivers) but it just doesn’t fit our image, here in Lennox right across from the beach.”



I came up with this based on the look of the old N.S.W. Rego stickers. The old Holden wagon cruising down the road over the waves with the old timber Malibu surf board strapped onto the roof-racks.

A few months later I designed a new and different Business Card.


Paul’s Fishing Rods

Here is another 9 x 6 cm Ad I created for Paul Woolford to go in the Lennox Wave magazine’s Trades And Service section .  This time Paul can also now use this as his own business card as well…

Paul started fishing as a kid on the North Yorkshire Moors of England. He adds, “I still remember as a 12 year old testing (from the very wharf at Whitby where Captain Cook departed on the Endeavour) the first fishing rod I built for myself.”

Sixty years later from the garage of his Lennox Head home Paul’s custom hand crafted fishing rods are finding their way, similar to Cook on the Endeavour, all around the world.

From word of mouth, Paul now fills custom orders, not just for locals and around Australia but also trout fishing lodges in New Zealand and the Test River in England.

He has even made rods for a salmon fishing tour guide in Alaska!

MUSIC – ‘Anytime James’

Toward the close of 2014 I interviewed musician Michael Gibbons as he was about to lay down his debut album at 48 (and lay down his life dream) for a  2015 release . I was privileged to witness a jam session with Michael and band at the Lucky Boy Analogue Recording Studios in Byron Bay.

After shooting a few photos I then ending up working on a draft design for the Anytime James CD cover.

Anytime James CD

Click image to enlarge.

THE Michael Gibbons STORY:

Lennox Head musician Michael Gibbons life’s journey has led to his debut album “Anytime James”.

At 48 it’s a culmination of his whole life in music. As a child Michael musical influence began by listening on to his mother’s old reel to reel African music tapes from her native Ghana. He first picked up a guitar at 18 and by 27 he left behind a band to write songs that translated beyond the mainstream to him as an individual.

Growing up in Sydney’s Dee Why, Michael fell in love with the Northern Rivers of NSW region on his first visit in 1980. Longer visits each time finally led to a permanent move to Lennox Head in 1997. Six years ago Michael’s guitar teacher in Lennox at the time was Geoff Wright who is a first class world renowned musician having worked with the likes of Tina Turner and J.J. Cale, just to name a few.

Eighteen months ago Michael again sought out Geoff for more lessons and to maybe cut a Demo tape as Geoff in recent years had converted the old ‘Bay F.M.’ building into a recording studio. With Geoff very impressed by Michael’s advancement and both excited by their shared passion for analogue sound, instead of just a Demo they ended up collaborating, producing and recording Michaels work as “Anytime James”.

Michael’s dream had always been to find a way, facility and platform to sketch out, document his feelings and ideas so asked Geoff if he would consider a financial investment in the studio. And so began their partnership in ‘Lucky Boy Analogue Studios’.

Michael’s preference for analogue sound is the perfect medium to bring out the pure texture and tones of his music. Any likeminded artists looking for a traditional analogue recording sound backed by a master producer such as Geoff should contact and connect with Lucky Boy.

Gibbons music can be loosely described as a kind of early 70’s Rolling Stones cross 60’s – 70’s Detroit sound mixed with rhythmic waves.  The “Anything James” album, just like Michael Gibbons is far from the clichés and mediocrity the pretentious pop music culture usually dishes up and presents a unique, raw sound with the lyrics of a somewhat sarcastic poet.

Michael attributes the evolvement of his creativity to that vital decision to move to Lennox where living here instead of the city has fine-tuned his personal volume and contrast controls.

Vic Leto

Lennox Walks for Climate Change


Approximately 300 people marched in Lennox Head in solidarity with people all over the world as part of the Peoples Climate March on Sunday 29th November.

The event was organised by Community Owned Renewable Energy Lennox (COREL), a newly formed group which aims to take local action on climate change through various renewable energy projects . Any future money and sponsorship COREL raise will be put back into clean powering community owned assets.


The Walk fell on the eve of the Paris Climate Conference and was intended to send a message around the globe for action on climate change. A crowd gathered at the park near the bus shelter where they listened to speakers, including organiser Amelia Hicks, Greens MP Tamara Smith and multi award winning travel writer Louise Southerden. Other guest speakers included members of community energy group Mullumbimby COREM sharing their knowledge and experiences after already being established since 2014.

In attendance were Ballina Councillor Jeff Johnson and Mayor David Wright.  Many participants in the walk and others passively attending added their name to a public letter which will be sent to Ballina Council showing the community’s support for new renewable community projects.

Despite the cloudy weather (and several light showers) the event PA was completely powered by the sun, thanks to Sebastian Sledge of Solar Trailers Australia and his 1.6 KW mobile power station. The sound gear was supplied by Disco Statik and Master M.C. Vic Leto was very impressed that for the first time in 32 years hosting, the P.A. ran entirely ‘unplugged’ and free off the sun!

After the speeches the large crowd made its way onto the beach for a photo and then a short walk to the Surf Club and return. Once back the entertainment was led by musicians Gair and the very funny trio of ‘Bronnie and the Bishops.’

NOTE: As a founding member of COREL I was also an organiser of the event.

Vic Leto.